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The SNP and the Expenses Scandal – the Truth

Did you know that 100% that is all of the SNP MPs were involved in the Expenses Scandal ?
well here is the proof from the Telegraph web site

Angus MacNeil, the MP whose police complaint triggered the cash-for-peerages inquiry, tried to charge the taxpayer for his drinks bills, a chocolate bar and hundreds of pounds of “petty cash”

Stewart Hosie made thousands of pounds of expense claims for furnishings, including £160 for scatter cushions

Alex Salmond claimed £400 per month for food when the Commons was not even sitting. He also billed the taxpayer £14,100 to try to impeach Tony Blair

Angus Robertson successfully appealed to the fees office when they turned down his claim for a £400 home cinema system

Peter Wishart claimed £1,400 per month in rent for a second home in London. Also claimed for food but made few other claims under the second homes allowance

Mike Weir claimed £1,300 per month rent for his second home in London plus bills for utilities, telephone, council tax and food.


Then there are the MSPs

“A Nationalist MSP used his expenses to claim back from the taxpayer £1.80 he spent at a chip shop near the Scottish Parliament, it has emerged.

Richard Lyle, an SNP member for the Central Scotland, region spent the money at Bene’s fish and chip shop on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile before demanding the public purse reimburse him.

THE minister in charge of Scotland’s affordable housing has made £100,000 – from selling his taxpayer-funded second home.


SNP MSP Alex Neil raked in the cash when he sold his two-bedroom flat in Edinburgh for £200,000.

The minister had paid just £4720 towards the property – the deposit he put down when he bought the flat in 1999.

Public money was used to pay the rest of his £90,775 interest-only mortgage costs, leaving Neil to make the biggest profit any MSP has ever made on a second home.

When challenged on the profit, Neil said: “Do you want us to stay in a caravan?”


Christine Grahame, the SNP’s MSP for South Scotland claimed a staggering £26,465 for ‘stationery’. Another example of huge expenses claims at Holyrood surfaced recently with revelations the SNP’s Christine Grahame claimed a staggering £26,465 for postage and stationery, while other politicians from the Tories and Liberal Democrats representing the same area claimed ‘significantly less’ sums. You can read more about MSPs stationery claims here : Scottish Parliament : Christine Grahame’s £26k stationery expenses claim on ‘consultations’

Currently, up to 28 MSPs at the Scottish Parliament, 12 of that number being SNP MSPs and 6 of those being Cabinet Ministers in the Scottish Government, including the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, John Swinney, are claiming mortgage interest payments of up to £1000 a month from the Scottish taxpayer to pay for their second homes in Edinburgh. This state of affairs could hardly be described as being whiter than white’ – Scottish MSPs collectively claiming millions of pounds from the taxpayer in expenses while themselves claiming they are a model for transparency & accountability compared to their colleagues caught up in the Westminster expenses scandal.



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